Bride Tribe Yoga
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The only thing we love more than yoga is a party.

It’s less about yoga and more about creating the space to celebrate you + your tribe + good vibes.
Take a moment. Slow down. Connect to the company that surrounds you. (Then pop bottles of champagne and celebrate! This day is about you.)

For all of the craziness that surrounds bachelorette and wedding weekend, we bring groups back to the present through movement and mindfulness. A realignment that will have you cherishing every moment of your weekend.
It’s just an added bonus that it’s totally Instagram worthy.


bride tribe

Crazily Customizable (from basic or boho)
Fabulously Fun (for detoxing or retoxing)
Obtrusively Onsite (from openair parks to Airbnbs)
Incredible Instructors (for veterans to virgins)
It’s your bachelorette weekend. We’re just the highlight.

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Local Tribes 


New Orleans
April 2016

Where the tribe originated and where we still flow better than the drinks on Bourbon Street. There’s undoubtedly a lot of indulging in New Orleans; we’re the healthy, heartfelt hour of yoga in your crazy, unforgettable weekend.

Austin Bachelorette Yoga

January 2019

Oh, we’ll help to “Keep Austin Weird” alright! 90’s themed playlists? twerk-based flows? Disney themed yoga?! Whatever serves your soul!  We can rise to the level of your bride’s unique brand of weird, or we can be that single dose of normalcy in your weekend.

January 2019

The tribe has expanded to Texas in a BIG way! Chief yogi, Baye pulled on her cowgirl boots and ponied up - she’s bringing le bon temps (that’s “the good times” for you city folks!) to our Houston brides, yall!

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Coming Soon!

Coming soon!

Baton Rouge
January 2019

Geaux Yoga! We love our Baton Rouge bride tribes and are excited to spread the love, mindfulness and movement to our neighbor up north! Oak trees covered in Spanish Moss and beautiful Antebellum landmarks make for plentiful spots to soak up an hour of yoga!


Coming Soon!

Coming soon!


It’s a bachelorette world

We’re just doing yoga in it.

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